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1.  General
1.1 The following Terms of Use of Steiff Gallery UK GmbH apply to the use of this website and the information contained therein. By accessing and using this website, you confirm that you have read these Terms of Use and agree to the content thereof. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you must leave the website.  
1.2 No action is permitted that accesses the infrastructure of the sites or the Steiff Gallery UK systems or networks or any systems or networks linked with the sites or Steiff Gallery UK. You agree not to use any aids, software or routines to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the due functioning of the sites or any business transactions handled on the sites. Unauthorised access - by means of hacking, password mining or any other illegal methods - to parts or features of the sites or systems or networks linked with the sites or to other services offered on or by the sites is not permitted.  
1.3 Illegal use breaching the Terms of Use of the sites or their content is inadmissible, as is action or support of action through which the rights of Steiff Gallery UK or third parties are infringed.    

2.  Liability disclaimer
2.1 Use of the information provided on these pages shall always be at the user's own risk.  
2.2 The content of the websites has been put together with the greatest care and is subject to regular updating. Nevertheless data is provided as general information only and Steiff Gallery UK does not assume any liability or warranty for the information on these pages being correct, up-to-date and complete or for problem-free access to the same at all times.  
2.3 Where Steiff Gallery UK enables access to the internet information services of third parties by the installation of links, no undertakings, guarantees or warranties are furnished for such information. We dissociate ourselves from this content and expressly do not adopt it as our own. Each such information provider is solely responsible for the content.  
2.4 Under no circumstances shall Steiff Gallery UK be liable to you or to third parties for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damage resulting from the use of our websites or other websites linked thereto.    

3.  Copyright All the content of this website, such as copy, graphics, pictures, user interface, programmes, etc., is subject to the exclusive right of use by Steiff Gallery UK. This content is protected under copyright law and other law on protection of intellectual property. All forms of use of this content outside of an existing or pending contractual relationship are inadmissible, whether by duplication or dissemination, whether business or personal, and can be prosecuted. Registered trademarks, trade names, designs and logos are used on our website. Even if they are not identified as such where used, the relevant statutory regulations shall apply.    

4. Reservation of right of amendment Steiff Gallery UK can update and amend these Terms at any time. It is always the current version of these Terms that shall apply to the use of this website.   

© 2008 Steiff Gallery UK Lim.
Subject to change without notice. Last amended September 2008.  

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